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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Biscornu (WIP)

Ta-da! Found another USB cable from the laptop travel kit that fit the camera!

The planning stages...

I finished the back of mum's biscornu, and I am now working on the front, changing the design as I go ;-) I planned to do a small row of violets (from the
Blackwork embroidery archives), but that has gone by the wayside - but I still plan to use them on another project somewhere.

Design: I'm sort of going for an overall muted/Victorian feel with a stitcher's motif.

Fabric: 14-count pink aida (DMC), which was left-over from another project.


Backstitch border, triangles, and inside 'stitched' border are done in one strand of light blue (DMC 341) and one strand of dark blue (DMC 336). The mini pincusions were done in DMC; they were adapted from a larger sampler design ("A Stitcher's Celebration Sampler" by Lucie Heaton) featured in 'World of Cross Stitching', issue 146.

I'm still not sure about the blue bits; I might end up unpicking...


Backstitch border is done in one strand of light blue (DMC 341) and one strand of dark blue (DMC 336). Inside border is 12 pins (3 colours - pinks, blues, and yellows), also adapted from the same sampler design above.

I really like how the front pins turned out (ignore the basting stitches)

And I've got to choose a button set... (gold filigree, gold w/pinkish centre, or little Victorian ankle boots) ...decisions, decisions

I've also been looking for appropriate quotes, and I've think I've narrowed it down to three:

"Simple pleasures are life's riches, count your blessings, count your stitches" (from Cross-Stitch Sayings)

"Stitch your stress away" (from Cross-Stitch Sayings) [mum stresses a lot!]

"My your fingers be nimble, your thread seldom tangle, and may love be apparent in all you create" (from 'World of Cross Stitching', issue 143)

I can't decide! ;-)

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  1. Just stopping by to say your biscornu is looking really promising - I LOVE the little pins (they look so life-like) and look forward to seeing it finished!
    I've just discovered biscornu myself but haven't attempted to chart my own design yet ^^


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