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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tea, Christmas and Sharks...Oh my! ;-)

I finished the "Time for tea - for Max and me" design last night and got most of it stitched up - just have to stuff it and sew up the top. She ended up as a mini-cushion...

Second finish of 2009!

Designed by: La Chatelaine Designs
Fabric: 18-count ecru aida from DMC
Floss: DMC 310
Dimensions: about (can't find the ruler!) 3.5" x 3.5"

I modified the design a bit. I left out the cat's whiskers (they just didn't look right to me, either as full backstitch or half-backstitch!); I changed the sugar jar to a milk jug ('cuz I take milk in my tea...); left out the wording and added an alphabet along with my initals and the year; added a border of my own design; left out a row on her neck (it looked too long on the original...); and finally, my lady's a bit more....ah, bustier. ;-)

The fabric is much nicer in person...

The back: again I raided mum's fabric stash - it's a lovely soft pink with metallic green leaves; it reminds me of strawberries.

So on to the next project...

I began the NOEL ornament from Claire's blog (Gazette94). I'm stitching it for one of the girls at work who gives me a lift home sometimes - she loves Christmas - case in point: she has 28 different copies of The Night Before Christmas! Personally, I am so not a Christmas person - Halloween's more my cup of tea...

I also signed up (a few days ago - I'm behind the times!) for the "Grand Abecedaire" SAL as offered by Claire. I picked up some linen (ecru, I think) and I'm going to try out linen floss - I've never worked with it before, so it should be interesting. I must get stitching - I'm three months behind! ;-)

And finally, as we have a mini-blizzard outside and everyone else is napping, Betsy and I are watching "Shark Week: 20th Anniversary Collection."


"Well, what are you waiting for? Fetch them for me!"



  1. well done on your tea time finish - you had me smiling with all the little changes you made ^^ but I thoroughly agree, any personal changes makes the design totally unique.

  2. Hi Cam,

    I really love your lady finish, and I think that
    the changes that you made to her or added to the
    existing design really added to the piece. I
    think designs on the whole like seeing what
    stitchers will do with their designs. And your
    changes make the finish unique and wholly your

    You know, for all the bookshelves in the library,
    we still have books scattered all over the house.
    There's a wall unit in the living room holding
    books, there's another wall unit in the den with
    books, and the linen closet in the upstairs hall
    has been turned into a book case. And still it's
    not enough room to expand as I'd like. Sigh!

    The Noel ornament is going to be lovely and your
    friend will be thrilled with it I'm sure. I
    just saw this one finished the other day on
    someone's blog, but I can't for the life of me
    remember who's, and she'd stitched the Noel
    letters with beads. It looked quite cool.

    The Grand ABECEDAIRE design is so incredible
    and will be a lot of fun to stitch I bet. I
    can't believe that it's all free. Or at least
    it looks like it's free. There's a lot of
    stitching there, but it's beautiful. Good
    luck with it.

    Tell Betsy that I think she's a lovely cat.



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