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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekend Goals

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Oooh, I hate this type of patron! Even worse: they're on a cell and completely ignorning two (or more) screaming and/or running around like mad children...

Anyway, no work this weekend, so I have several stitching goals that I'm planning, namely:

          1. Grand Abecedaire: complete part 2 (I just have to finish up the basket) and begin part 3;
          2. NOEL ornament: complete backstitching on red version and begin green;
          3. New project: (I need a new project like I need a hole in my head, but that's besides the point...) I have several (small and smallish) designs I want to get my fingers on, including
                  i. "Coffin buzz" (Plum Street Samplers freebie);
                  ii. "Cheetah needlework set", including biscornu, scissor fobs one and/or two, scissor case, and needlebook (Cross Stitch Happy freebie);
                  iii. "Trick or kitty treat" (Brittercup designs, from October 2008 issue of "Just Cross Stitch"); and/or
                  iv. "Fairy celebration 2008" - I'm thinking of stitching her on black aida with one of my new DMC colour variations threads, pale blue maybe? (Passione Ricamo freebie);
          4. WIPs & UFOs Stash: I want to take pictures of all my WIPs and UFOs that I haven't blogged about, and maybe even complete a stitch (or two) on at least one of them; and finally,
          5. Visit to Chapters (must...resist...temptation - nope, no good... ;-)

Oh, and the organization ascent has begun...


Friday, March 13, 2009

Organizationville, here I come...

Like most stitchers, I have a lot of "stuff" (I tend to call it crap, but I then I call a lot of my stuff crap...not in a bad sense, just that there's a load of it...o-kay, I think it's time for me to get back on track... ;-)

Anyway, I am determined (ha, ha) to become at least a little bit organized. Therefore, having been inspired by Cross Stitch Nut's "most excellent" post on organization, this is what I am planning:

1. Projects (Planned, WIPs, and UFOs): all projects and kits to be placed into a bin, filed alphabetically by designer and then title, all in hanging folders (which are also labelled).

2. Magazines and Charts: separated into binders, which are then organized by title and then subsequently by date/year, including indexes of contents (both of magazines in binders and projects within each magazine)
* I have wanted to put all my mags in binders for the longest time, but didn't want to punch holes in them - it never occured to me to use sleeves (even though I use them for genealogy...duh!)

3. Floss: wound onto bobbins and organized by number into (currently 4) bobbin containers - each box will have i.) large label on top and side(s?) with numbers/thread types contained within (i.e. DMC 1-225; DMC Colour Variations; etc.); and ii.) an index on the bottom of the box listing no. of colour, colour name, and no. of skeins; specialty threads (which I have just started collecting) will go into a separate container.

4. Fabric (and other various bits): I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with them at this point in time... Any suggestions?

So how does everyone else stay organized? (and semi-sane ;-)

Stay tuned for the next development... ;-)


Monday, March 9, 2009

Grand ABC, part 2 (almost) finished! ;-)

Thanks for all the comments on my part 1 finish - I really like the challenge of forcing myself to finish something on a deadline (usually deadlines and me do not get along! ;-)

I love the lacy look of the top right corner

I had an extremely good weekend stitching, except for the clocks moving forward (I miss my sleep! ;-) I've already gone through one skein of the 645, though I have a bit before I need to replenish the pink. I can't wait to get started on the squirrel (part 4) - I think he's so cute! But I'm being a good girl and going in order. I love seeing everyone's variations in colours on Claire's" blog - it's all so inspiring!


I should have got the white ones as well...

I walked over to Michaels today on my lunch break and guess what I found on sale? The DMC varigated floss packet (with 10 pattern sheets and 12 skeins of floss), which is regular $27.99, was on sale for $10! As far as I can tell, it's only missing one skein; everything is there. I also found some cute little bunny buttons at Walmart, as well as some purple fabric on sale.

And last but not least, my boo-boo (Betsy) got a new bed. Of course she wouldn't let take a picture of her actually sleeping in it... But now Charlie thinks he should have one too!

Nice and cozy (and easy to clean!)

Only one of three colour choices...

And yes, boo-boo is a "celebrity" - and she knows it!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Grand Abecedaire, part 1 finished!

Finally finished part 1 of Claire's Grand ABC SAL! Yay! The picture is a little dark (when are they not! ;-) but I'm using DMC 245 (pink) and 645 (dark grey) on 25-count ecru linen. Now I only have three more parts to go before part 4 comes out!