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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Time for tea (WIP) and heart pin cushion

Still armless...

The lady now has most of her skirt and a table with a wobbly leg... ;-) My jar contents for the Totally Useless SAL grew a bit with her and the quick project below - btw, does cat hair count? ;-)

Ta da!

My first finish of 2009!

A mini heart pin cushion for mum (in honour of Valentine's Day) - it took me an hour and a bit to stitch and about half-an-hour to finish up. It's sort of lumpy and my edges are crooked, but that's what I get when I rush! It was stitched on white aida (that came as part of 'CrossStitcher's' (UK) free gift - but it was crappy aida, all the same...) from a design featured in "101 ways to say thank you" card motif booklet (which, in turn, was the free gift with 'Cross Stitch Crazy' - I just omitted the "thank you so much!" wording). The heart chart was designed by Lucie Heaton and featured DMC 1, 603, 605, and 3799 (for which I substituted 310, since I don't (gasp! ;-) have any 3799...). I (secretly) raided mum's stash for the square of backing fabric - she's slogging through a signature quilt at the moment.

The front...

and the back!

I'm hoping to get more done on the tea lady today and tomorrow (we have a three-day weekend (Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!) due to the 'Family Day' holiday on Monday), maybe even...(gasp!?)...finish her? Nah, that would never happen! ;-)


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