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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winter's still here....

Unfortunately, it looks like our snow is back - we were suppose to get 10 cm today, but it's pretty much tapered off to nothing now. At least someone was happy to see it... ;-)

"Snow! Yippee!"

My (puny) attempt to catch the falling snowflakes...

I received a nice surprise when I got home: a message from Chapters that my order had come in! I had ordered (only a few days ago) Joan Elliott's Bewitching cross stitch and Claire Crompton's Picture your pet in cross stitch. And since they had the latest issues of 'Cross Stitch Gold' and 'World of Cross Stitching,' I just had to pick those up as well! ;-)


I'm looking forward to parking my butt in front of the television with my new books and a glass of wine. ;-)

"Time for tea" (WIP)

My lady's complete! (and so is her friend!)

I stitched quite a bit over the long weekend. I managed to get the majority of the design completed - with a few minor changes. I'm in the process of putting a border of my own design around her; I'm also deliberating about the script that was on the original chart. I'm still not quite sure what I'm going to be doing with her (pin cushion? needlecase?), though I was thinking of (if I'm not going to just frame her) doing a fancy initial for the reverse.


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  1. Well congrats on your finish! It looks wonderful! So do the mags and the wine sounds good too-can I join you? :p I need to show you a pic of all my books sometime. I'm a collector too and have way too many!! Well, not to many for me! Enjoy your stash!


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