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Monday, February 2, 2009

"A bald frog with a wig..." ;-)

Once upon a time, a frog named Frank was lonely. You see, he had problems with hair loss - and was as bald as a brush with no bristles. Then one day, a witch stopped by the pond where he lived and in exchange for directions to the palace, granted him one wish. Frank wished for hair. The next morning, he looked into the glassy surface of the pond from his habitual lily-pad, and saw, to his joyful delight, wave upon wave of shiny new locks. Oh, how he hopped with pleasure! But just as he was getting ready to show the other frogs his new self, his lovely new mane caught in the nearby bramble branches. In a flash, his hair deserted him, hanging limply from a twig. Frank glazed sadly at the wig, realizing the trickery the witch had played. But then a thought occurred to him...

This is what I scribbled for the profile question that popped up - but it wouldn't all fit!

(It's a little silly, but that's what happens when you get up at 4-fricking-30 in the morning. Ugh)

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