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Friday, February 13, 2009

"Time for tea" (WIP) and new mags

I was off on Wednesday, so I made a bit of progress on the "Time for tea..." design - my lady doesn't have an arm, but she has half of a skirt! ;-) As the design develops, I beginning to think I should have used 3 strands of black instead of 2...I can see tiny white gaps between some of the stitches. I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do with her yet - any ideas?

The lady's progression...

And since I was off on Wednesday, I decided to take a trip to Chapters. Bad idea - I should know better than to go there. So, of course, I couldn't resist picking up some new mags. ;-)

As if I need more...

I haven't seen 'Cross stitch and needlepoint' before, but it's got a cute stitcher's trio with a needlecase in the shape of a mouse's house.

Nor have I seen 'Stoney Creek cross stitch collection' before, but I was drawn in by the wildflower design on the front.

I couldn't resist 'The cross stitcher' (US) - it has a kitten afghan!

'Cross stitch crazy' included a booklet with "thank you" mini designs - though most of them could be stitched for other purposes.

'CrossStitcher' (UK) included a free thread pack with cards - I can't say I cared for the designs they featured in the mag (that were intended for the free gift), but I'm definitely going to be using the materials (that is, if I don't "misplace" (read: lose) them first... ;-)

And finally, 'Just cross stitch' featured a few traditional samplers, as well as The Sampler's Girl's "Persuasion Sampler."


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