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Monday, March 9, 2009

Grand ABC, part 2 (almost) finished! ;-)

Thanks for all the comments on my part 1 finish - I really like the challenge of forcing myself to finish something on a deadline (usually deadlines and me do not get along! ;-)

I love the lacy look of the top right corner

I had an extremely good weekend stitching, except for the clocks moving forward (I miss my sleep! ;-) I've already gone through one skein of the 645, though I have a bit before I need to replenish the pink. I can't wait to get started on the squirrel (part 4) - I think he's so cute! But I'm being a good girl and going in order. I love seeing everyone's variations in colours on Claire's" blog - it's all so inspiring!


I should have got the white ones as well...

I walked over to Michaels today on my lunch break and guess what I found on sale? The DMC varigated floss packet (with 10 pattern sheets and 12 skeins of floss), which is regular $27.99, was on sale for $10! As far as I can tell, it's only missing one skein; everything is there. I also found some cute little bunny buttons at Walmart, as well as some purple fabric on sale.

And last but not least, my boo-boo (Betsy) got a new bed. Of course she wouldn't let take a picture of her actually sleeping in it... But now Charlie thinks he should have one too!

Nice and cozy (and easy to clean!)

Only one of three colour choices...

And yes, boo-boo is a "celebrity" - and she knows it!



  1. Wow you got that second part of ABC done quickly. I'm working the squirrel today, but there are several already done and Claire is talking about maybeputting the charts out faster. I like the pace now I won't keep up if it goes faster, but that's ok, I love the chart and will get it done as quickly as I possibly can. Sounds like a pretty good shopping excursion. Some of those DMC variations are really pretty! Looking forward to watching you use them up.

  2. Hi Yoyo:

    That's what a steady weekend of doing nothing but stitching does! I usually have a DVD playing (it was documentaries on ancient Egypt, Rome, and battles - yes, I am a history geek ;-) and then go to town.

    I did read on Claire's blog about the possibility of having the charts out faster - I'm like you, though and prefer it like it is now.

    I already have plans for the variations (but then, I always have more plans than progress...LOL


  3. I really love your Grand ABCdaire !!! I'm doing one this year too, in a SAL, but by a different designer . . . 2009 must be the year for it :o)


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