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Friday, March 6, 2009

Grand Abecedaire, part 1 finished!

Finally finished part 1 of Claire's Grand ABC SAL! Yay! The picture is a little dark (when are they not! ;-) but I'm using DMC 245 (pink) and 645 (dark grey) on 25-count ecru linen. Now I only have three more parts to go before part 4 comes out!



  1. I have seen the design and this will be very pretty. Love the colors. Can't wait to see your progress.

  2. Beautiful color combo! I love it.

  3. Great colors. I have almost managed to keep up with this one, probably because I just love the design so much. I'll follow your progress closely, so no skipping out.

  4. Hi Cam,

    How are you feeling??? Hope the cold/flue bug
    has departed and you're feeling better. It's
    a bad time for colds right now with the weather
    seesawing back and forth between cold and snowy
    and cool and wet. Hibernation is the only real
    means to avoid the lot and unfortunately that's
    not an option for most of us...unless you're a

    I was quite pleased to see that L.J. Smith had
    written more stories in her Vampire series. I
    read the first ones many moons ago and enjoyed
    them. A little "simple" in the story line but
    she creates great characters and at the time she
    was almost the only game in town as far as
    Vampires were concerned, not counting Anne Rice.
    I understand that there is a tv series in
    the works right now. You know...to take advantage
    of the Twilight phenomenon. I'm not getting my
    hopes up since successful Vampire shows are
    something of a rarity on regular tv. Hello,

    I put the final stitches into My Needle's Work
    this evening and tomorrow I'll iron her and
    take her picture for my blog and then she'll
    join all my other finishes in a big drawer
    where they patiently (??) wait to be framed...
    or something. A finisher I'm not. I don't
    even hem pants (you should see my pants) or
    put buttons on cloths. I hope to get up the
    courage to tackle a finish following directions
    available on Vonna's blog and other places but
    need to buy materials to do so first.

    I've been checking out Claire's Grand ABC
    project on the Gazette 94 site and it's quite
    a gorgeous and ambitious project isn't it? I
    love seeing everyone's different colour choices
    for it. Yours is looking fantastic. Makes me
    want to stitch it too...oh dear!!!

    You know, I was at Michael's a week ago and I
    don't remember seeing any hoops like my beloved
    blue hoop at all. Mind you, I'm not exactly the
    most observant person in the world and besides
    I wasn't really looking at hoops while I was
    there. I wonder if I can sweet talk my DH into
    driving me there again on the weekend to see if
    they carry them on this side of Toronto. If not I
    might throw myself on your tender mercies and
    ask you to pick up a couple of the biggest size
    for me.

    And speaking of my beloved blue hoop....it is
    no more! I picked it up when getting ready to
    leave work this afternoon intending to pack it
    in my bag and it shattered in my hands. I'm
    feeling kinda sad about it.

    How pathetic am I??? I'm missing and mourning
    a piece of stitching equipment. But we've been
    together for over 16 years. Snifffff....

    Oh dear. This has turned into one of my epic
    comments. Sorry about that. Better go for
    now before I start another paragraph...like
    I'm doing right now.



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