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Friday, March 13, 2009

Organizationville, here I come...

Like most stitchers, I have a lot of "stuff" (I tend to call it crap, but I then I call a lot of my stuff crap...not in a bad sense, just that there's a load of it...o-kay, I think it's time for me to get back on track... ;-)

Anyway, I am determined (ha, ha) to become at least a little bit organized. Therefore, having been inspired by Cross Stitch Nut's "most excellent" post on organization, this is what I am planning:

1. Projects (Planned, WIPs, and UFOs): all projects and kits to be placed into a bin, filed alphabetically by designer and then title, all in hanging folders (which are also labelled).

2. Magazines and Charts: separated into binders, which are then organized by title and then subsequently by date/year, including indexes of contents (both of magazines in binders and projects within each magazine)
* I have wanted to put all my mags in binders for the longest time, but didn't want to punch holes in them - it never occured to me to use sleeves (even though I use them for genealogy...duh!)

3. Floss: wound onto bobbins and organized by number into (currently 4) bobbin containers - each box will have i.) large label on top and side(s?) with numbers/thread types contained within (i.e. DMC 1-225; DMC Colour Variations; etc.); and ii.) an index on the bottom of the box listing no. of colour, colour name, and no. of skeins; specialty threads (which I have just started collecting) will go into a separate container.

4. Fabric (and other various bits): I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with them at this point in time... Any suggestions?

So how does everyone else stay organized? (and semi-sane ;-)

Stay tuned for the next development... ;-)


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  1. Good luck! I am semi-organized with most of my floss wound on bobbins and I do have all of my designs sorted by designer with my "ready to stitch" bin. I have never kitted my stuff before and decided to do so this year so that I could easily grab something to start. That's now my problem....I am itching to grab something new all of the time since it is so easy!!!! Before, I was usually lost interest when I had to pull everything to start something new. Good luck on your organization!!!!


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