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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekend Goals

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Oooh, I hate this type of patron! Even worse: they're on a cell and completely ignorning two (or more) screaming and/or running around like mad children...

Anyway, no work this weekend, so I have several stitching goals that I'm planning, namely:

          1. Grand Abecedaire: complete part 2 (I just have to finish up the basket) and begin part 3;
          2. NOEL ornament: complete backstitching on red version and begin green;
          3. New project: (I need a new project like I need a hole in my head, but that's besides the point...) I have several (small and smallish) designs I want to get my fingers on, including
                  i. "Coffin buzz" (Plum Street Samplers freebie);
                  ii. "Cheetah needlework set", including biscornu, scissor fobs one and/or two, scissor case, and needlebook (Cross Stitch Happy freebie);
                  iii. "Trick or kitty treat" (Brittercup designs, from October 2008 issue of "Just Cross Stitch"); and/or
                  iv. "Fairy celebration 2008" - I'm thinking of stitching her on black aida with one of my new DMC colour variations threads, pale blue maybe? (Passione Ricamo freebie);
          4. WIPs & UFOs Stash: I want to take pictures of all my WIPs and UFOs that I haven't blogged about, and maybe even complete a stitch (or two) on at least one of them; and finally,
          5. Visit to Chapters (must...resist...temptation - nope, no good... ;-)

Oh, and the organization ascent has begun...



  1. Looks like you are going to be busy!!! happy stitches..

  2. You and I need to get together because there are so many days I feel so overwhelmed with projects.....*sigh*....:-)

  3. You're working on all that this weekend?! Whew! As for fabby organization, I slip all mine into gallon zip bags by thread count. I have one of those rolling Sterilite (I think!) large three drawer carts and one of the drawers is fabric. I do my floss like you do, on the cards...love that Fairy design, and it would look great on black!

  4. Wow I hope you meet all those goals, especially the Grand ABC. I haven't started the current part 5 yet, but I do hope to get it done before the end of the month. This is the only one I'm really keeping up with well. I put my fabric in bags like Tammy, the problem is the darned shelf is getting too small, must have had an earthquake or something. I'm using the DMC Stitch Bow, I have all the binders and I really like the way it's working. I can't use the cards because my arthritis doesn't let me wind cards. And all my charts and kits are arranged alphabeticlly by author and I have a paper list of catergories for cross reference.


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